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Sample Pack Contest: 2019 (Compilation, 2020) [link to Bandcamp page]

This is a compilation album of music written for VGMusic.com's series of Sample Pack Contests in late 2019 - editions VIII through X. Participants in the contest create music using only a folder of community-submitted 5-second-or-less sound clips ("samples") and nothing else, which brings out a great deal of creativity and silliness, but also a lot of really incredible music in many different styles. It's some great stuff, and a wonderful community exists behind it.

All of the music for this album is uploaded to this website if you want to listen and/or download that way; but you can also pick it up for free on Bandcamp or listen to the playlist I put together on SoundCloud.

Released January 11, 2020

01 - Dawn Breaks on Magical Girl Dream Island (4:55)

02 - Winter Breaks (3:17)

03 - Infinite Loop (w/ Kevin Green as Stereolith) (8:26)

04 - All Gathered 'Round the Hearth (3:23)

05 - N.F.B. (4:25)

06 - Intermission (DJ Poochy Carrot's Vaporfunk Expressway) (1:11)

07 - Shimmering Prismatic Cumulonimbus (2:30)

08 - hippopotamus (w/ Shane Evans) (5:55)

09 - U R MR REGGAE (3:37)

10 - Christmas Eve Illegal Street Race to the Mall (w/ Kevin Green, Shane Evans & This Deep Well) (5:30)

11 - From Up on Dust Hill (2:10)

12 - Klungo: A New Film in the Banjo-Kazooie Cinematic Universe Written and Directed by Tommy Wiseau, Starring Himself and Vladimir Putin (2:06)

13 - (Bonus Track) That Which Brings Us Together by blue.nocturne (Piano Cover) (4:57)

Total Time - (52:28)

All works, unless otherwise noted, are copyright © 2004-2019 by Hunter Van Brocklin.