Moon Jellies Fly First Class (2020) [link to Bandcamp page]

All tracks for this album were created from a folder of 74 short sound clips (samples) for VGMusic's Sample Pack Contest XI. By and large, the samples have been heavily manipulated and layered to create a wide palette that was extremely fun and inspiring to work with - so much so that I created a whole album with them!

Other than the sound palette and a vague aquatic theme that runs throughout, there is no overarching concept, but I tried to pay closer attention to how my material is spaced out, not overload anything with ideas, use lots of thick jazz chords, layer sounds effectively to create deeper, more interesting textures, and mix+EQ more carefully than ever. (There are also a number of cross-references to other melodies on the album, and of course a handful of external references, too.) To put it really simply: I tried to break out of my comfort zone in like a half dozen different ways, and I think ultimately I pushed myself into creating my finest work yet!

Alternative ways to listen besides Bandcamp include SoundCloud and Spotify.

Released May 16, 2020

01 - Hanabi Girl (4:55)

02 - Manufacted Cloudscape (5:23)

03 - Moon Jellies Fly First Class (7:30)

04 - Desert Sandstorm Groove (5:14)

05 - California Rose Gold Rush (6:20)

06 - Riptide Lagoon (3:55)

07 - Experimental Hydrosynthesis Machine (7:53)

08 - Bituminous Blues (1:53)

09 - Fugal, Feudal, Futile (5:19)

10 - Oyasumi (5:26)

Total Time - (53:53)

All works, unless otherwise noted, are copyright © 2004-2020 by Hunter Van Brocklin.