Tons of music mostly from my teenage years can be found on this page, categorized into four rough categories: "Orchestral", Video Game Arrangement, Piano, and Electronic; all are sequenced with samples, but are sorted by the types of instruments they use, mostly.


Xanadu Suite (2008)
An English project required us to artistically represent some imagery of Samuel Taylor Coleridge's poem Kubla Khan. I created an almost nine-minute-long suite with five movements based around lines from the poem.

Xanadu Suite, Mvt. I - A sunny pleasure-dome

Xanadu Suite, Mvt. II - Alph, the sacred river

Xanadu Suite, Mvt. III - those caves of ice! / caverns measureless to man

Xanadu Suite, Mvt. IV - Down to a sunless sea

Xanadu Suite, Mvt. V - A damsel with a dulcimer / Her symphony and song

November (2008)
A somber piece for the month of November.

Flotation Device (2008)
Really groovy track in asymmetrical meter. Uses a lot of percussion.

Zack's Theme: Culture Shock (2008)
One of my best friends asked me for years to write him a song containing "Asian music, rock, and Scottish music", and this is what he got.

Guacamole (Four Chord Jam #1) (2008)
Some kind of take on Latin jazz.

Baile del Diablo (2008)
Spanish for "Dance of the Devil". Not really a dance, actually a really cool rhythmic orchestral piece.

Valse Hantée (2008)
A spooky, demented little waltz. Don't listen too much, you might start hearing it in the dark corners of your house.

Jazztacular (2008)
Fun track of solos based on a jazz vamp. Melodies here showed up in Stereolith hit "The Missing Piece"!

Day's Work Complete (2008)
Just a quick little video game jingle when your character goes to sleep for the night.

The Snake Charmer (2008)
The closest thing to watching that guy play a horn and summon a snake up out of a basket you can get!

The Price of War: A Chorale for the Lost and Living (2008)
Overwhelmingly sad to be honest.

Proctor's Lament (2007)
I did this for an English project based on Arthur Miller's The Crucible. Filled with quotes from the movie version, for better or for worse.

The Epic Journey (2007)
As close as you can get to an adventure without stepping outside your door carrying a battle axe.

The Sewers (2007)
Sort of an effect piece rather than a melodic one.

Greg's Theme: Victory! (2007)
If there's one man who can achieve victory, it's my friend Greg, and this sixteen-second victory fanfare will undoubedly play when he does so.

Progress (2007)
Never the same twice! This song changes pace deliberately over and over again.

Lament & Rejoice (2006)
There are two sections. One is about lamenting and the other about rejoicing, and they've got some good melodies.

Nautical Nonsense (2006)
Damn it feels good to be a pirate...?

Diary of a Mad Scientist (2006)
What, haven't you ever read a mad scientist's personal journal?

Hannah's Theme: Changes (2006)
I wrote this piece for a wonderful friend. She still liked me after she heard it, so I guess it can't have been too bad (I think it's that sweet jazz B section).

Bethany's Theme (2005)
A fun little piece for another friend. The second part even changes time signatures repeatedly (holy crap, younger self).

Ending Sequence (2005)
The partner piece for Opening Sequence. Let's watch the credits roll!

Opening Sequence (2005)
Definitely the opener to a movie or game.

Scaredycat Suite (2005)
You'll be running and hiding after you hear these three spooky tunes. The first is an original, the second is "In the Hall of the Mountain King" from Peer Gynt, and the third is "Gruntilda's Lair" from Banjo-Kazooie.

Voyage (2005)
A short little adventuresome piece.

From the Air to the Tropical Beach (2005)
Kick back and relax while this song takes you away from the real world for a few minutes.

Andrew's Theme: 'Cause I'm Jackie (2005)
A jazzy theme! I have shared more laughs in the music world with Andrew Brady than anyone else. One day he's going to be the best bassoonist in all the land. He's held multiple positions in esteemed orchestras at this point so, well, that came true.

The Victorious Heroes (2005)
Yep, they're back fresh from their battle or something.

Warship Theme (2005)
Originally written for something my friends were making at the time, but we were kids so that never happened. There's always the Warship Theme though!

Soaring Through the Sky (2005)
Listen to this one on an airplane for extra style points!

Tropical Flute Paradise II (2005)
What? I asked for a piña colada, not an ocarina!

Damian's Theme: Adventure (2005)
I love adventures, don't you?

Peaceful Village (2005)
This is the rpg_village.mid of my life, and the oldest thing I am even willing to upload. You better believe they go back farther.

Video Game Arrangements

Touhou Tactics RPG Spinoff Project
A project of a friend of a friend that never got finished. I contributed five tracks:

01 - Overworld (The Gensokyo The Gods Loved)

02 - Battle 1 (Spring Lane - Colorful Path / Oriental Dark Flight)

03 - Battle 2 (Extend Ash / Demystify Feast)

04 - Peaceful Town (Dream of a Spring Breeze)

05 - Story Battle (Skies Beyond the Clouds / Demystify Feast)

Parasol Theme (2012)
An original written for a friend's game that also never came to fruition—a cute little platformer for which I wrote a cute little theme.

Time is but a Neverending Hallway (2008)
Orchestral remix of the haunting, droning Dark Cloud track "The Gallery of Time".

Super LSD Bros. Brawl (Four Chord Jam #2) (2008)
A ridiculous chord progression given by my good friend Kyle, with gratuitous sound effects from Super Smash Bros. Brawl added in...

Legend of the Seven Stars (2008)
13 minute medley of tons of music from Super Mario RPG.

Linebuilder (2008)
Orchestral Tetris music medley. Can you see the Tetris blocks moving in your head yet?

RVG Theme (2006)
A small Metroid remix intended for some friends' project that never saw the light of day.

The Many Worlds of Banjo-Kazooie (.mid) (2005)
An enormous, almost half hour medley of basically every theme in Banjo-Kazooie. Only ever produced in MIDI form, from back in those days!


Fugue no. 2 (.mid) (2013)
Oh man, it's another fugue! This time only in MIDI for the moment.

Fugue no. 1 (2012)
The first of several counterpoint projects!

Sentimentality (2009)
Nostalgia encapsulated on the piano. This is a beautiful, slowly building piece.

Counting Eights & Saying Nine (2009)
A piece from a motif I wrote in high school music theory. Something I'd call an Old Classic.

For the Forgotten Rain (2008)
An elegiac, somber piece that wants badly to be a Balmorhea song in retrospect.

Shopkeeper Jam (2008)
It's a fact that video game shopkeepers are just laying down the smokin' dance moves when you're not in there shopping, right?

Water-Filled Caverns (2005)
Quiet and introspective, just like you'd be if you were in a water-filled cavern.

Vision (2005)
I wish I could say the piece came to me in a vision, but it didn't. It's actually just old and not that good.


Karmic (2014)
A fun Arms and Sleepers-inspired trip-hop track that is sure to become part of something larger at some point—the style is filled with potential.

Nothing Says I Love You Like a Minor 4 Chord (2010)
A mock-up pop song with auto-tuned lyrics taken from Sam Jones's poem "Love Guppy". This was made for the Play This in Audiosurf EP, a three-track selection of songs by myself, Kevin Green, and Kyle VanderWerf intended for entertaining play in the PC game AudioSurf. You can check out Kevin's track "Hole in One" here and Kyle's track "Evil Dark Spirits of Black Darkness" here.

Entranced (2009)
Definitely not trance version of Pachelbel's Canon nope no way.

Lemons (Sami's Song) (2008)
Known for its tasty sax line, I wrote this for a close friend.

Hydrothermal Heatvision Suite (2008)
Something between jazz, ambient and techno, Hydrothermal Heatvision has undergone three separate metamorphoses from an innocuous 2.5 minute theme to becoming a 17-minute opus by Stereolith in 2016. This is the half-length precursor, after an intermediate 5.5 minute version. It's just a huge theme and variations!

Will's Theme (2007)
A reworking of a really old 2004 track I made for a friend. Don't tell anyone, but I reused one of the (really awesome) chord progressions in this one in Stereolith jam "Dual Nature".

Trip to Mars (2007)
Spacey modes and Gustav Holst combine into one! Three segments: Takeoff, voyage, and landing.

Molten Steel (Battle Theme 4) (2007)
A direct sequel to No Turning Back, this might be more suited to a final level, especially since it's the last one of these I made!

No Turning Back (Battle Theme 3) (2007)
Once you write one battle theme, you'll never stop. There's no... quitting... now. Yes.

Final Struggle (Battle Theme 2) (2007)
Battle themes are really fun to write. Possibly also later level theme.

Final Struggle (SNES Mix) (2007)
Let's apply an SNES soundfont to the same song! Theme Song (2006)
A techno track with a Zelda melody written for a website's 'theme song' competition, though the website is long defunct.

Heat of Battle (Battle Theme 1) (2006)
The first of what would become several high-energy electronic battle themes.

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