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Hey, nice job! You found the secret section, filled with miscellaneous content like writings and media rankings, really old MIDI files from the beginner days with Finale PrintMusic! 2002, and musical jokes of varying levels of stupid and/or dated. Enjoy your visit to easteregg.php...

Really Old MIDIs from 2003-2005

A Medieval Tetralogy

Andrew's Theme

Bethany's Theme

Crazy Percussion

Damian's Theme

Diary of a Mad Scientist

Ending Sequence

Endless Rain

From the Air to the Tropical Beach

F-Zero Medley


Heat of Battle

Jake's Theme

Journey to a Desert Grave

Katie's Theme


Medley - Lengthened Version

Mission Possible

Nostalgia Medley

Opening Sequence

Pac-Doom Theme Song

Peaceful Village

Questing March

RvG Theme

Soaring Through the Sky

Strings Quartet

Strings Quartet II - Regal Dance


The Dark Cave

The Dark Cave - Happy Caribbean Remix

The Price of War

The Victorious Heroes

Through the Millennia

Tropical Flute Paradise

Tropical Flute Paradise II


Warship Theme

Who Knows?

Will's Theme

Zelda Theme


Here are a handful of things I've written in my life that are not too embarrassing to share.

This One's For You, Tom (2009)
A tale of a high school boy and a capable yet arrogant band director that might actually be entirely true but with names changed.

Reconciliation (2014)
For a little while I felt inspired to try poetry as an outlet, and a few of these turned out okay. The last line of this is probably the best line I've ever written! It's gonna go somewhere great someday.

Cigarettes After Dark (2015)
Another fanciful lil poem!

The National Anthem (2015)
A good anthem for pumping oneself out of depression, or at least it helped me a little.

Musical Jokes

Making music purely for humor is very freeing. Enjoy some spicy musical memes from the life of HVB.

Variations on a Trumpet Player (2008)
I wrote this dumb song to poke fun at an obnoxious trumpet player I once knew. It is not subtle but it IS inside joke-ridden. So make of that what you will.

Slamu Jamu (2013)
A mashup of Big Bang's "Haru Haru" and Space Jam.

Slamic Battle (2013)
A mashup of the Sonic Generations version of Sonic Battle track "Emerald Coast" and Space Jam.

Hello x1.45 (2013)
I made an interesting discovery once where you can speed up K-Pop significantly to make it sound like a Sonic the Hedgehog level. It works surprisingly well—the chipper guitar lines and uptempo rock beat.

Superstar x1.5 (2013)
I'll tell you one thing: it's impossible to listen to any track I do this to again after hearing the sped-up version.

Media Ranking Mosaics

Sometimes my friends and I like to codify our favorite media items, which we are all passionate about, in nice mosaic images. I've uploaded some of mine here just for kicks. It is surprisingly entertaining to put together these images!

Top 20 Songs (2017)

Top 25 Video Games (2017)
Read 'em and weep. Or, well, look at 'em. It's an image.

Top 50 Albums (2019)
And go listen to any/all of them!

Top 9 Animes (2016)
Probably changing a bit soon.

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