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November 27, 2018

Multiple items of news today!

The second Stereolith album is much closer to being done, so you can expect it coming on the horizon. Kevin is doing some soundtrack work at the moment! But holy crap is it some good stuff - excited as ever for you all to hear it.

And now, the good news: I've started working on my solo album in earnest, and I'm sharing the work as I go along! It is a "Model Game Soundtrack" built largely upon retro video game sounds, and it's intended to soundtrack a game that happens to not exist (but might eventually!). The tracks are being shared on my fancy new SoundCloud page and will continue to be there exclusively for the time being (will make a section here eventually). There is a convenient little web player right here if you'd rather not stray away from the site:

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February 12, 2018

Another Stereolith-related announcement! Kevin and I are sharing two tracks from our forthcoming video game arrangement album, A Night at the Basement TV! You can find them on Bandcamp!

Each of these two tracks are fully solo endeavors - Kevin made a guitar-infused, blusey Bastion remix, while I built a jazz Animal Crossing: New Leaf medley with no less than ten themes! They exemplify well the style we've eked out for this album. Please enjoy!

January 2, 2018

"Now in Stereovision", the first Stereolith album, turns two years old today! You can check out all its gamey, electronic, jazzy goodness on Bandcamp or around the web on Spotify/iTunes/Amazon!

We are hard at work on a new, even jazzier album of video game medleys, tentatively titled "A Night at the Basement TV". I will be releasing a solo track from this forthcoming new hotness quite soon, so stay tuned!

November 3, 2017

Holy content, friends!

At last, this piping-hot fresh new incarnation of my personal website is complete. It's been a few years since the last update to my webspace, and it was long overdue—but hey, the good news is, no matter how well acquainted you think you are with my music, there will absolutely be something new for you to experience! I invite you to visit the concert music page, featuring material from my college career, as well as official updated pages on Stereolith and my old project Too Late For Tyler. Or you can relive some aging moments in my musical history at the enormous early originals page. Like a good wine, better with age? Well, we'll see about that...

In the future you can look forward to a modest supply of updates as I explore other ideas alongside work on the new Stereolith album. In particular, other trip-hoppy tracks like Karmic are something I want to focus on. Much of the Stereolith material I've been working on is extremely jazzy as well, which has been informing a lot of my recent work.

Also, hire me to score your video game, please. <3

November 1, 2017

The new layout is complete! Though not tremendously different from the old one, it features a new header image and 8 different color themes! Refresh to your hearts' content, folks, and let the pastels wash over you. (I also finally concede the point that just using black for borders and text is bad, so maybe my webpage has entered the current decade in earnest.)

Extra shoutouts to Audrey for helping set up the random CSS generator, and for being a CSS wizard! Also to Shane for hosting me!

October 31, 2017

Finally, years later, we're back with a sixth, brand new URL! HVBMusic.net: It's Dot Com!™ With any luck this will be my final internet move. Don't even get me started on all my old subdomains...

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