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Link will take you to the SoundCloud playlist I'm putting all my current tracks onto as they're finished.

Music written for the concert stage, for real, live people to play! Scores included. A non-inclusive catalog of music written during my undergraduate career.

I'm one half of Stereolith, the name I and longtime friend Kevin Green use to release jazzy, electronic, game-influenced music. We have released one original album and are presently midway through writing an album of video game medleys!

A section for both original music written for games and arrangements of music from video games.

Often described as rock instrumentation with classically oriented timbres, 'post-rock' takes the form of instrumental piano rock for me. TLFT was the moniker I took for this never-quite-finished EP borne from what was my favorite genre for several years.

There's a ton of these. A spicy selection of music mostly from The Teenage Years, divided into three sections: Piano, Electronic, and "Orchestral". While I'd make a million different decisions and mixing choices in the present day with regards to most (if not all) of these, I felt they were worth preserving nonetheless, because there is still some great music in here!

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