Between the years of 2009 and 2011, I wrote a few tunes that could be described as "post-rock" - more classically-oriented instrumental music with rock instrumentation and some auxiliary instruments. Under the name Too Late For Tyler I produced several tracks that were intended to be released as a full album, tentatively titled A Waxing Nostalgia. However, some of the later tracks were never completed, and one of the project files is inexplicably completely lost, so all that remains is this unreleased EP...for your listening pleasure!

A Waxing Nostalgia (unreleased, 2011)

01 - The Last Few Months of Our Lives (feat. Tom Scott) (05:37)

02 - Sleeping Giants (07:29)

03 - An Exploration of Lost Potential (06:12)

04 - The Day Our Faces Found Each Other (07:18)

05 - (Untitled Unfinished Track) (03:18)

Total Time - (29:54)

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