Welcome to the homepage for Sample Pack Contest X. The contest has concluded as of January 2020, but here are some links that you may find useful:

The completed SPCX album on Bandcamp

Spreadsheet of scores, comments, and final standings

Hi-res album art for SPCX

Sample Pack Contest XI is underway, join us! (Track submission concludes May 1, 2020)

Congratulations zenkusa for winning Sample Pack Contest X with "Existential Crisis of a Gentoo Penguin"!

Overview of the Contest

Sample Pack Contest is a series of original music-writing contests hosted via that began in 2005, originally on VGMusic's forums and now on its Discord server.

It follows a fairly straightforward 3-phase structure:

Phase 1: Sample submission. The community are initially asked to submit sound samples (WAVs) 5 seconds or less (details explained below), which are collected by an organizer and then re-released as a sample pack (ZIP archive). You are free to submit samples even if you don't write music for the contest and vice versa. Samples can be nearly anything (music, memes, sound effects, etc) but the organizer is free to reject samples for certain reasons (see below).

Phase 2: Track submission. The entrants download the sample pack and use the samples to create original music (not remixes) using whatever tools they have available (DAWs/samplers/trackers/DSPs/etc), but they are not allowed to use any other sample libraries or synthesizers.

Phase 3: Voting. The tracks are anonymized and released for scoring. In order to keep voting impartial, everyone is advised to not reveal which track(s) they created (or which tracks they think others created). Tracks are rated on a 100-point scale by everyone who cares to do so, even people who didn't participate in the contest. After scores are submitted, the organizer will announce the winner and reveal who made what. The completed album will eventually go on Bandcamp.