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Stereolith is a duo formed by myself and longtime composer friend Kevin Green, and we write jazzy, gamey electronic music. We released a 71-minute original album early in 2016, Stereolith Presents: Now in Stereovision, and are currently hard at work on a second album, this time filled with video game medleys! You can purchase the album a variety of ways listed below, as well as listen to the whole thing in your browser through Bandcamp, or separately through Spotify. Find us on Bandcamp, Facebook, and Twitter!

Stereolith Presents: Now in Stereovision (2016)

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01 - Welcome to Stereolith Kart Racing! (03:06)

02 - Escape from the Skyway (03:48)

03 - Quest for the BassDragon (04:59)

04 - Cool, Cool Glasses (05:18)

05 - Heterochromia (06:04)

06 - The Missing Piece (05:14)

07 - Hydrothermal Heatvision Redux (17:06)

08 - Gadget's New Look (04:13)

09 - Dual Nature (06:48)

10 - Do You Like Stars? (05:25)

11 - CREDITS.EXE (09:06)

Total Time - (1:11:11)

Stereolith Presents: A Night at the Basement TV (2018)

Coming soon, an album of delightful video game medleys of the jazzy and/or electronic persuasion. You'll be reliving all sorts of classics reimagined in the groovy Stereolith manner you've come to expect, but at least on my end, I can promise some very catchy big band tunes...

The Original "Collaborative Awesomeness" Album (2009)

Before forming Stereolith in earnest, Kevin and I collaborated on a few tracks—by finishing each other's sandwiches incomplete pieces. Surely, though, this was when we learned that we make a great team:

01 - Tropic of Shenanigans (SNES Mix)

02 - Menace Rising

03 - The Dragon's Deathmatch Arena

04 - PiƱa Colada

05 - Banjie's Backyard

06 - The Black Orb's Floating Fortress

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